This is a new genre of restaurant that arranges the Korean Samgyeopsal with the Japanese taste.
Offering high quality meat at a low unit price.
Great for a quick drink.
Full of attractive hormones.
One free draft beer with an expired coupon.

NewTomo New Menu 12.2020

We have a \"motsunabe\" that you can\'t miss for beauty and health.

・ \"Motsunabe\" is a nutritious dish that is high in protein, low in calories, and rich in vitamins. (¥ 3,200 for 2 people ~)
・ In addition to being able to eat plenty of vegetables with delicious soup stock, it also contains plenty of collagen.

Tomo Original PromotionBeer Promotion

Show expired coupons and get 1 free draft beer! !

・Show expired coupons of any stores, such as Gyoza coupons or Ramen noodle refill coupons, and you will get one free draft beer.
・Just one free beer for one group.
※We exchange coupons with draft beer.

You can enjoy the meat grilled on a tilted griddle with just the right amount of oil on it, even if you\'re on your own

MENUTeppan-yaki meat with a different flavor

We serve a variety of obanzai, a rare treat for a yakiniku restaurant, and finish off the meal with the \"Horumon Udon Set\".

About TomoJapanese Style Samgyeopsal

Opening hours:17:30 〜 23:30
Last order:23:00)
Closed: Sunday
Wi-Fi service available
There is a takeaway service

※5 counter seats; table seats for 16 to 20 on the 2nd floor.
(Also available for large groups.)
※All-you-can-drink is also available.
(All-you-can-drink: for groups of 4 or more, 2,000 yen/2 hours)

Traditional home cookingAn unusual appetizer for a yakiniku restaurant

We have a variety of obanzai, which is rare for a yakiniku restaurant.
Some customers come for the sake of hurray.

We have an appetizer with lots of vegetables from 300 yen (excluding tax)
We have a variety of items that go well with both alcoholic drinks and rice!

Beef ratings are based on \"yield\" and \"meat quality

Meat qualityGrade A5 isn\'t always the best meat.

The \"yield\" is the amount of \"edible parts\" after the skin, bones and organs are removed and is rated on a scale from A to C. On a scale of A to C, B and C, it includes dairy cows......