Grade A5 isn’t always the best meat.


Grade A5 isn’t always the best meat

Beef is graded on the basis of “yield” and “meat quality”. Yield” is the amount of “edible meat” after skin, bones and organs are removed and is evaluated on a scale from A to C. Ranks B and C include dairy cows. Meat quality is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 according to the amount of fat, the color of the meat, the color and quality of the fat, and the tightness and texture of the meat. The combination of this alphabet (yield) and a number (quality of meat) becomes a rank, and the closer the beef is to “A5”, which has more flesh, the higher the price is.

Meat Grade
A 15-point scale for meat

A really good meat is one that has good flavor

The most important factor that determines the taste of a meat is its flavor. An A5 rating is the criterion for the amount of fat in its rating, which makes it a less palatable type of meat for those who don’t like fatty meat. And no matter how well it meets the criteria for an A5 rating, if it has a bad flavor, it’s no good. Therefore, A5 is not the best meat for everyone. Therefore, it can be said that the perception of the best meat is wrong and the best meat is different for each person.


  1. Grade A5 isn’t always the best meat.